Why let the Professionals hand paint your kitchen?

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Residential Painting

Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinets are one method to make your kitchen look and feel luxurious, but only experienced kitchen painters can achieve that result. When building a new house or after renovating, the kitchen is always one that gets the most attention. What kind of worktops do we need? What kind of floor tiles, lighting and so forth and understandably so as it is the room we spend most of our time in. More than likely you will have ordered quality kitchen units. At this stage, you will have had the opportunity to either have them installed with a finish or leave them bare with the prospect of having someone like me hand paint your kitchen units for you.

Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted is a terrific method to extend the life of your current cabinets while also giving your kitchen a unique finish tailored to your overall kitchen design and colour theme.

By getting professional kitchen painters, you eliminate rooky mistakes that are common with amateurs. With a professional’s attention to detail, your kitchen will be a model one. There is no substitute for employing a professional team if you want the greatest possible result.

What is a Hand-Painted Kitchen?

A hand-painted kitchen is a type of kitchen finish where cabinets and door fronts are primed and then hand-painted according to your choice of colours and preferred style. This is a terrific method to create the style you want for your kitchen.

An updated kitchen, if done by a skilled and professional kitchen painters, can significantly increase the value of your home while also providing you with a kitchen that you enjoy.

Please Note: Kitchen cabinets can only be hand-painted if they are made from bare, lacquered or waxed wood, MDF, foil-wrapped laminate, melamine or acrylic.

Is hand-painted kitchen cabinets better than spray painted ones?

The main answer to this question is depending on what finish you want.

There are two methods for painting cabinets and cupboards: hand painting and spray painting.

Whether you go with a spray-painted finish or a hand-painted finish, it will depend on your budget, time frame, and your overall look and design.

A spray-painted kitchen may be installed three to four days faster than hand-painted kitchens. Below are the reasons why I recommend a hand-painted kitchen over spray painted ones.

    • It appears more man-made – spray finishes can appear plasticky, this is because of the way factory paint is applied to the cabinet.
    • Spray finish chips more easily – because the paint comes away from the wood more easily, this is more evident over time.
    • Spray finished cannot be easily repaired – you can’t just sand down and re-apply paint to damaged areas to fix a spray finish.

While the hand-painted method is exactly what it sounds like — using a paintbrush or roller to apply paint. Below are the benefits of hand-painted kitchens;


    • The hand-painted kitchen looks more natural compared to a spray-painted kitchen
    • Hand-painted is future-proofed – your painted kitchen is future-proofed, as you can simply sand down and repaint the kitchen
    • The hand-painted finish can be easily repaired – if you notice scuffs or chips, you can simply sand down the affected area and apply paint with a brush!

What colours are available?

hand painted kitchen cabinets

Hand painting your kitchens comes with many great advantages, but one of the best things about it is that it gives you a complete and almost unlimited choice of colours.

Bannon Decor is a well-established painting company that has outstanding kitchen painters and handled hundreds of hand painting jobs in and around Laois, and have been servicing the counties of Dublin, Kildare, Cork and Wexford areas as well.

Their 30 years of experience in creating bespoke hand-painted kitchens and expertise in colour combinations have been one of the main reasons why people in Laois and surrounding areas keep coming back to them.

hand painted kitchen cabinets

Other Benefits

    • Customisable – You have an almost unlimited choice of colours if you choose to hand paint your cabinets and cupboards.
    • Can work on most surfaces – The correct primer will ensure that the paint binds with the cabinets’ and doors’ surfaces.
    • Easy to replace – You can easily refresh the look of your hand-painted kitchen with a different paint finish, colour or style.
    • Don’t have to replace cabinets & door fronts – If your kitchen is in good condition, you can paint over the existing cabinets and door fronts.
    • Quick maintenance – Scuff marks and scratches can quickly be patched up with paint at home.

Bannon Decor knows the benefits of quality work and attention to detail when it comes to hand-painting jobs. We know the proper tools, paints and primers to use to be able to achieve the luxurious look of a hand-painted kitchen.

kitchen painters

Hire Hand-Painted Kitchen Painters in Portlaoise and surrounding areas

A professional hand-painted kitchen is a terrific method to add value and class to your finished kitchen when building your new house or finishing that extension. If you are refurbishing the look of your old kitchen and want to protect your initial investment without spending a lot of money, refurbishing your old units may be an option. There is a big difference between DIY work and a professional’s work. So instead of DIY’ing and regretting the result after, why not hire an expert painter?

Bannon Decor has been in the painting and decorating industry for almost 30 years and has been creating bespoke hand painted kitchens in and around Laois, Dublin, Kildare, Cork and Wexford areas.

If you have an idea for your next hand-painted kitchen, why not contact us for some expert advice?

At Bannon Decor, our colour consultants have the expertise and experience to assist you in selecting the ideal colour for your kitchen, whether it’s bright or subtle, trendy or traditional.

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