Painters and Decorators Dublin: Why Hire A Professional?

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Painting and Decorating Tips

Painters and Decorators in Dublin: Donal Bannon

You might wake up one day, and realise that your room or office is looking a bit drab and dull. You may find yourself considering a do-it-yourself approach. This might not look like a lot of work and can be a lot of fun, but if you love great results, you might pass the painting and decorating work to the professionals as knowledge, skills, experience and techniques really count in this type of project.

I remember when I moved into my first house and decided to take on tiling the bathroom, gosh did I learn a lesson? I will never again begrudge paying a professional painting and decorating service to do and finish a job to perfection. Lesson learned. If you are online and trying to do a Google search of “Dublin painters” “decorators Dublin” or “painting and decorating near me” your search is over.

With over 30 years of experience, we at Bannon Decor have been providing painting and decorating services in Dublin, Laois and other neighbouring counties such as Carlow, Kilkenny, Offaly and Tipperary. We have worked on hundreds of clients’ properties and made a reputation for ourselves as someone you can trust to finish the job to perfection and for a reasonable price. We are a highly reputable decorating and painting company that can offer you a range of services for your next interior and exterior projects.

If you live in Dublin here are a few more reasons why you should leave the painting and decorating projects to Bannon Decor professionals:

We have the right tools for your next painting and decorating project.

Some of the homeowners we encountered, when they plan on doing a do-it-yourself approach for their painting or decorating project, end up buying the wrong materials needed and wind up wasting money instead of saving some of those extra euros for their next holiday.

By hiring a reliable professional painting and decorating company like Bannon Decor, having amassed all the right types of equipment that most homeowners don’t usually possess, you get the complete package. We have the knowledge and skills to get the work done and you will be amazed at how our professional painters and decorators in Dublin can get in, get the job done and get out in just a short span of time, but still work efficiently.

We have 30 years experience, seriously!

Bannon Decor has been providing decorating and painting services in Dublin, Laois, Carlow, Kilkenny, Offaly and Tipperary for almost 30 years now. Based on our experience, it’s all about the proper preparation. This can involve cleaning, stripping patching, correct application of primers, sanding and much more!

Our professional painters and decorators at Bannon Decor know how to properly prepare walls for painting, what factors to consider when selecting colours and finishes, and how to test them. So we can assure you that we always give 100% to every painting and decorating project we accept and take pride in our work.

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We can save you time

We know that painting and decorating projects might take you days or even weeks to finish, depending on how big the project is. On weekdays, you have jobs and responsibilities, while on the weekends you usually spend that time with the family, bonding or going out of town. You can’t just spend a whole day painting or decorating a room, right? Or maybe you can, but the point is…….. At Bannon Decor, we understand that time is a precious thing, and that is why we will relieve you of that burden, so let the professionals do the painting and decorating.

Painting and Decorating near me in Dublin

Our Dublin painters have served hundreds of clients around Dublin, so we are used to working in time-restricted schedules but still giving you the quality of workmanship that we always provide.

painting and decorating near me

Quality end result

The biggest advantage of hiring a professional painter in Dublin or the surrounding counties is the final product’s quality. While anyone can just throw paint on the walls, a professional job needs knowledge and planning.

Our skilled painters will take the time to thoroughly prepare surfaces, having the paint or application properly mixed and blended so that the paint adheres properly and the results are smooth and long-lasting. This may entail removing old paint, filling holes, sandpapering rough areas, and then masking fixtures, furnishings, and fittings that must be protected from splashes. A professional will also know which primer is ideal for walls and which paint and colour combinations are appropriate for each surface and space type.

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Decorators in Dublin

If you need a decorating service in Dublin, our professional decorators at Bannon Decor are always here to serve you. We are fully licensed and insured, so if there’s an unlikely event in your home caused by us, you’ll be covered. We also serve areas around Laois, Carlow, Kilkenny, Offaly and Tipperary. Our painting services, as well as our decorating services, are highly recommended by both private and commercial decorating service clients, making the Bannon Decor team the greatest choice for your current decoration project.

Hire Bannon Decor for your next painting and decorating project in Dublin.

If you ever needed Dublin painters, Bannon Decor is a leading painting and decorating contractor in Dublin, offering a wide range of services, such as wallpapering, commercial painting, interior and exterior painting and decorating, hand painted kitchens, spray painting and much more! We only use high-quality materials, equipment and paints to ensure great quality results to deliver beyond your expectations. For your next painting and decorating project, trust Bannon Decor’s painters and decorators that have over 30 years of experience in the field. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.