Benefits of Hiring A Professional Exterior Painting and Decorating Company

by | May 3, 2022 | Painting and Decorating Tips

Whether it’s a new building or an existing dwelling, getting a professional exterior house painter is always the right choice. Wear and tear, sun and weather damage, damp, mould and other factors all play a part in how your house looks externally. If you start with the job being done correctly, you will always get value for money, as it is usually the preparation, application and methods used to complete a painting job that will determine how long and how good your exterior house painting has been executed.

So, you have decided on painting the exterior of your house, but you are torn as to whether you should hire professional exterior house painters or just do it yourself 🧐.

Exterior painting is very task heavy and can be potentially dangerous to homeowners trying a DIY approach. If you have all the time in the world, this may work for you to some extent. But if not, we suggest getting professional painters and decorators in your area instead, such as Bannon Decor to do the job. We are a tried and trusted company with over 20 years experience.

There are numerous advantages to hiring experienced painters. Besides having the right tools and proper knowledge on exterior painting, what to speak of health and safety. You are also prone to making errors that leave the exterior or interior looking shady or unappealing.

Why Should I Hire Exterior House Painters?

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Exterior painting is a difficult and very time-consuming task. Even if you’re a seasoned homeowner or handyman, exterior painting brings its own set of obstacles that are best handled by a professional. Furthermore, it requires numerous trips up and down ladders or scaffolding which in itself is potentially hazardous.

Exterior painting necessitates substantial preparation and, in some cases, extensive restoration work. Depending on the material of your home’s siding (plaster, wood, Hardie Plank, stucco, etc.) and the amount of time since it was last painted, the prep and repair phases could account for up to 85 percent of your project time.

Here’s more.

By ensuring the use of seasoned exterior painters and decorators, you extend the life of your fresh paint job by years, saving you considerably more effort and money in the long run.

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Hiring skilled exterior painters might cost you a bit extra, but they can give your home or office the makeover you always wanted, and even go beyond your expectations. Now that we have enlightened you, on why you should only hire professional exterior house painting service,

Here’s more benefits in hiring an expert:

By hiring a professional, it ensures your safety

If you own a 2 story home or office, hiring professional painters is the best choice for you. Climbing up a ladder to paint the 2nd story exterior of your house can be very dangerous and requires proficiency and proper equipment to do it safely.

Our  painters have years of experience climbing up and down a ladder, so the risk of falling down is lessened, and they have the right tools, such as harnesses, to ensure their own safety.

Professional painting companies invest heavily in training,  tools, safety equipment and certifications. Exterior painting contractors in Portlaoise, such as Bannon Decor have all their staff’s own manual handling, safe pass, first-aid, certified for MEWP (Heist), and Mobile Tower (scaffold), so besides the professional paint job they deliver, they also care for you and their staff’s safety.

A Professional’s Work Is Efficient

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You may have painted the interior of your rooms on your own, but you’ve most likely had one, two or a few drips land on the floor. Or, if you were lucky enough to dodge drips, you had to cope with endless drop cloths, tape piles, and brush clean up.

A competent exterior painter will work quickly on repairs, sanding, and other prep work, and will not leave your home in a state of disarray at the end of the day. They will take great care during the painting stage to ensure that every coat is picture perfect, and you will never have to worry about streaks or drips.

The time and money you saved alone in this step is one of the reasons many homeowners hire a professional exterior paint expert. TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.

Attention to details, repairs, and preparation

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Before applying the first coat of paint, the best experienced exterior painters will be honest and frank about the quantity of work required on the exterior of your home. Most homes will require–at a bare minimum:

    • If your walls are dirty, it may require power washing
    • Scrape and remove old paint
    • Primer applied to the bare wood or walls.
    • Replacement or repair of plaster
    • Caulk any joints, cracks, and seams throughout your home.
    • To protect your floors, tape and tarp are required
    • 2 full coats with adequate drying time

Some exterior painting operations will necessitate outside wall restoration as well. A skilled exterior painter will look for any locations where the exterior of your property has been compromised, such as water damage, wet or dry rot, or any other concerns that could jeopardise your new paint work.

If these repairs are not made, the fresh paint will crack and bubble, making it look worn (not to mention those compromised areas could cause further damage to your home).

Most of the homeowners are not equipped or capable of executing these kinds of steps in exterior painting projects. That’s why hiring a professional exterior painter for your project is the best recommendation we can give you.

As professionals we can help you with colour combinations

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Experienced exterior house painters use many colours and types of paint on a daily basis. If you want to change the colour of your house, painters can recommend a different base colour and complement it with a colour for the trim.

They may show you numerous colours to consider for your home and then order the proper amount so they don’t run out or have too much left over once the process is finished.

Besides colour suggestions, a skilled exterior painter will have extensive knowledge of  paint brands and products to use on your home. There’s no need to go to the hardware store and hope you got the appropriate primer or colour; a professional exterior paint specialist will know exactly the paint and tools to use on your home, as well as how to utilise them.

Professionals have a faster turnaround time

You may be one of those homeowners that thinks “yeah I can do this during the weekends, seems to be an easy job.” You are in for a treat 😂, that “during the weekends” thing might turn into more weekends, and even months spent on the project if not done right. Professional exterior house painters like Bannon Decor know your time is valuable and will work efficiently so your project is finished in a timely manner.

A professional painting company has a team of professionals who collaborate to complete your project within the time period you specify. As a result, you will have more time for other activities, such as decorating and designing.

Simply tell the painter when you want them to start and when you want them to finish the painting process. Delays can occur due to extensive repairs, such as decay or rot repairs, or if another home improvement project is underway at the same time. Nonetheless, most professionals work within a time frame to allow you to resume your daily life.

Your Professional Painting and Decorating Contractors

We hope all the above reasons steer you away from the do-it-yourself approach and switch you to hire professional exterior house painting contractors instead. Trust me it is money well spent. If you are looking for a reliable painting and decorating company that can provide you with the best results you deserve, you can hire professional and reliable exterior house painters at Bannon Decor.

We provide interior and exterior painting services, wallpapering, spraying, and especially our painters are highly-qualified to do hand-painted kitchens and cupboards. We are a team of professional and trusted painters near you. We have 2 decades of experience serving clients around Dublin, Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny, Offaly and Tipperary areas. Feel free to contact us to enlighten you more with what we do.